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About Revival Motoring

Josh Garcia

Revival Motoring C.E.O, C.F.O, C.O.O, director of first impressions, head of diversity and known around these parts as “podcast daddy”, Josh is the engine that propels the Revival Motoring machine to wherever it is going next. We don’t always know where we’re going, but Josh will round up the boys, and get it there quickly! Podcast host, primary photographer, story seeker, article author, merch creator, YouTube actor, motivator and all-around thinker of things. Nothing happens under the Revival umbrella without Podcast Daddy’s say so.

Chuck Who

Car Dealerships in the Rhode Island area hate him because of this one simple trick… When not hitting the hill, BMW owner, Kei car enthusiast, Tesla shareholder, late night DJ, and Manscaped-sponsored athlete, Chuck, brings an unfiltered opinion on all things car related and beyond to the Revival Motoring Podcast. Racetrack incident evasion. Overseas Speeding fine handling. Vehicle price negotiator. Charlie-info here has you covered.


Fueled by energy drinks and angry music, Corey’s passion for the automotive is broad, deep and open minded. A self-confessed, fully signed up VW nerd at heart, Corey takes us all along for a ride, with many unexpected turns, every Thursday on the Revival Motoring Podcast. The lengths he will go to in order to improve his own knowledge and skillset are unrivalled. There’s only one generation of Ford Mustang in Corey’s eyes, and let’s just say it: this guy fox. 


If YB was the yin, then bright eyed and bushy tailed shooktd is the yangest yang that ever yanged. The current position holder in a very short series of Revival Motoring interns has arrived with a bang. We are legally obligated to tell you that our decision to bring him onboard was in no way influenced by his promise to us that we could borrow his drift car at zero notice, and with no prior drifting experience. He’s a brave man.

Jon Stairs

Jon did such a good job helping elevate Revival Motoring Magazine’s design and layout, that Josh let him have his own podcast, Topics Under The Stairs, mirroring his own eclectic loves, from Beer to Beagles, Hardcore to Houseplants and Guitars to Graphic Design. If it’s a thing on this planet, Jon can (and will) get genuinely excited about it, and his infectious enthusiasm and pursuit of detail never ceases to elevate your own enjoyment of anything he gets into.

Ryan Hathaway

Primarily tasked with being better at drinking beer than Jon Stairs, and (as a direct result) holding the fort during Jon’s many, MANY bathroom breaks, “Old Ryan” is the voice of reason and stability on the Topics Under The Stairs podcast, which also happens to provide him with a platform to hone his already very accomplished erotic advertorial writing skills. The go to guy for all things air cooled Volkswagen, and on a mission to steal Chuck’s “Best Garage in the Network” crown.

Mark Rosenquist

Mark originally showed up as a fairly unwilling guest on the Topics Under The Stairs podcast. He hated it so much that he came back for a second time, and in turn, hated THAT so much that he thought, F%#K IT, I’m just come back every single week. That’ll show ’em!! Tune in to the T.U.T.S podcast each Monday to discover a new thing that you barely new existed, but Mark has a very strong opinion about. Things could go either direction… And there’s only one way to find out. 

Tom Connors

The Right Honorable Tom Connors, pioneer of the dynamic principle that is the “Current Worst Idea Ever”, is the sole host of the Talking Motorcycles Podcast, a show as unique as the man himself. After teasing the sawdust out of his magnificent beard post work, you may catch Tom getting a sidecar up on two wheels while cruising “The Island”, cursing at English electronics, pricing up flights to the Isle of Man, or, quite frankly, anything you can imagine involving 2, 3, 4, or maybe even 6+ wheels.

Kyle Belcher

When he isn’t flipping burgers on his Nascar grill or tidying up his garden Kyle spends quality time thinking about a Volkswagen with a funky paint job. Circle jerk by night, harlequin rehabilitator by day. He is a lover. He is a mustache grower with a pretty face and may or may not be Riff Raff… seriously, have you ever seen them both in the same place at the same time? All we know is he is the shake to the Loose Is Fast bake.

Dan Walker

Now look, we get it. At first glance, the flowing locks may make you think you know Dan. Do not let the short top, long back hockey man haircut do all the talking. Dan knows a lot of stuff about a lot of things. He may only eat chicken tendies and drink Busch Light, but I ask you this question…Do you know Einstein’s diet? When he isn’t talking left turns with Kyle, he is probably throwing himself down a dirt or snow-covered mountain while trying to convince everyone that MK3s are worth all the effort.

Tanya Garcia

(Alternative accepted spelling: Tagnaa) Oh, you thought Josh was the top of the Revival Motoring tree? You might want to have a rethink. The fastest merch packer and Youtube commenter in the whole of New England, Tanya is your gateway to all things tangible in the world of Revival. If you can read it on the toilet, smell it in your car, or wear it to the donut meet, Tanya has had her hands all over it. Just let that sink in for a moment.

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