Lock City Drip

by Revival Motoring

The New England drift scene seems to grow and grow as I slowly get involved with it. I assume, like many others, drifting seems like a natural progression for anyone who used to spend significant time at a skatepark. A group of people hanging out and trying to develop their talent. All while pushing the limits of their skills and their cars. When something breaks, you’ll almost always find a helping hand—got questions of how to approach a corner? There will be someone who will try and help talk you thru it. I am sure things get competitive, but the community aspect is one of the most appealing things about drifting in general.

 Lock City Drift continues to put on fun, well-organized events. We are very fortunate to be able to attend these frequently. Recently we took a small crew to hang for the day and shoot some photos of our friend Josh Shabarekh’s ride! The weather wasn’t ideal, but we had a killer time snapping some photos! Josh assembled his latest drift car over the winter and recently had Brian Hall spray it in Tide Water Metallic paint! The car looks great while sitting still or being tossed around the track.


1995 Nissan S14

SR20DET (S13)

T28 S15 Turbo

DPI Rocker Arm Stoppers 

Parts Shop Max Inlet Pipe

Jay’s Bays battery hold down

Koyo Radiator

Circuit Sports Turbo Elbow

3” Motoria Exhaust

Bltz Turbo, Temp & Oil Pressure Gauges

Z32 Brakes

5 Lug Conversion

MB Battles

Interested in attending an event? Check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/LockCityDrift

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