1977 Honda CVCC

by Revival Motoring

Devin Smulski is a man that enjoys all things boxy and beautiful. Devin has a very interesting taste when it comes to cars. Currently, he has a 1994 Sentra in his garage with a turbo sr20ve. A 1992 Soviet-built Lada 2107 on Bag Riders air ride and a 1927 Model T that he’s swapped a K-Series Honda engine (gods motor) into.
Devin and I got together to take photos of his newest purchase, this beautiful 1977 Honda CVCC. He purchased the vehicle from Josh Martin, who was daily driving the car for an extended period of time out in Salt Lake before moving to Connecticut.

While in his possession, Devin has installed some BC Coilovers and sourced a set of real 4×120 Work Equip 03s. Other than the Webber Carburetor, the rest of the motor and interior is untouched and in good OEM shape.

We took the car around town to take some photos, only for the fuel pump to fail and leave us stranded for an hour, which was the best part of the journey, allowing me to capture some real emotion.

The car’s current plan is to keep things simple, wire tuck the engine bay, and potentially swap out the old tired 60 hp engine for a newer Vtec Single Cam, making nearly triple the power. We look forward to seeing that all unfold!


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