Digital Influence

by Revival Motoring

We have heard it all before. Video games will rot your brain—too much screen time. Play outside. All things I’ve listened to and probably even said to my kids at some point. However, video games can be inspiring, encourage creativity, or inspire real-life car builds. From early on, Xavier was influenced and enticed by the Nissan Skyline.

Although it wouldn’t be easy, Xavier knew what he wanted. He was influenced and determined. As a kid, he would watch D1 videos on the G4 channel, and his favorite driver Ken Nomura also happened to drive a four-door Skyline.

The cost would be parting out his Civic turbo project and continuing to save money. After some time and with the help of JapStarz, he was finally able to acquire a dream car.

This 1991 Nissan Skyline GTST Type M wasn’t going to be left to sit in a garage. Xavier had plans for this car, a drift build! The goal was for the car to look as if it just came out of Drift Tengoku. Aero, wheels, and paint gave the car a personality Xavier felt close to, and things quickly came together. Although no build ever comes without its fair share of problems. After a handful of issues, Xavier decided that the solution would be an engine swap. A new heart was sorted, an SR20DET was installed to keep the Skyline’s blood flowing. With the help of some friends, Xavier’s project was another step closer to his Real World Simulation.

Check out some photos Rafael Rodriguez recently shot of Xavier’s beloved Skyline!


Forged SR20DET

Garrett GT2871R 

S13 SR Trans 

Koyo N flow rad

Circuit sport fuel rail

550cc DeatschWerks injectors

Greddy front mount intercooler

Greddy piping, HKS BOV

Wiring specialties harness

Bride low max Vios 3 for a driver seat and R32 GTR for a passenger. 

Cusco 5 point cage, 

trust shift knob 

PBM control arms and tension rods

Fortune auto 8k coil overs

VSFK upfront

Blitz 03 in the rear

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