International man of minis

by Revival Motoring

Dave Baker has been floating around the New England automotive scene for a while now, recently he attended one of our donut meets, and Raf took advantage of him being on the premises. A man who loves his minis.

What do you do when you already have a few projects in the works? Enter a raffle, of course. Sure, it would be nice. Another project to dive into and enjoy, but who wins a raffle? Suddenly you get informed that you’ve won! We all see the raffles on the internet but knowing someone who has won one of them and took delivery of the car? It did, in fact, happen!

This is a 1991 Mini 1000 turned Monte Carlo rally replica! All of the info on the car can be found here:

After winning the raffle, Dave took receipt of the prized “EMO” and has enjoyed it ever since. Thankfully Dave has been stockpiling mini projects for some time and is quite familiar with the platform. “MINNIE” is one of those projects. A 1989 Mini 1000 was imported from Japan in 2019, and a complete restoration during 2020 gave it a renewed look and life! “SPICY” is a 1980 Mini 1275GT Clubman setup for some track abuse.

All of these Minis are in good hands and I look forward to taking a closer look at them soon enough!

Photos by: @spanishenglish – Raf

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