Crimetown New Jersey FD Goes Gotham!

by Revival Motoring

This past weekend the FD series rolled into New Jersey. While the on-track drama unfolded, things were heating up in the stands and, unfortunately, the parking lot.

First, there was an everlasting brawl in the cheap seats. I am sure this dispute was over how Matt Field got taken out by Fredric Osbo’s aggressive driving back in Round 1. The parties involved looked like they were die-hard fans. They seemed very passionate about motorsport’s rules and regulations and wanted to ensure that all drivers and judges kept things fair. Gosh, I hate when these types of disputes come to blows. Let’s be honest; if an AdamLZ run doesn’t get the blood flowing, I don’t know what does. In the end, it does look like there are hugs all around, some cops, and most likely some probation time, but it seems resolved nonetheless. My guess is someone spiked the lemonade.

The second bit of goomba mentality was that a hard-working individual’s vehicle was stolen right out of the parking lot. Not only was it stolen, but a Tesla caught footage of the scumbag thieves right in the act. Can we have anything nice? I mean, how big of a piece of scum do you have to be to go to an event and steal someone else’s pride and joy. How does your brain work? Do you go to the event, have a lovely time, grab a funnel cake and then decide to steal a car? Or was this your plan the whole time? Either way, you’re trash.

I hope the individual gets their vehicle back. Currently, the internet is doing that wonderful thing it does when tragedy strikes. It brings people together to play detective and find the criminals at large. There are plenty of details floating out about this: the getaway vehicle, its license plate info, and the photos from the Tesla camera. My favorite is when the potential female culprit takes a bucket hat and places it onto the wheelman. This level of disguise has not been seen since Dana Carvey! I hope this one gets resolved as fast as the royal rumble above.

**UPDATE** Thanks to the power of the internet a slew of information has been given to local detectives. Let’s hope they can find the car and get it back to it’s rightful owner!

If you have a tip, more photos, or video, please contact the NY/NJ Authorities.

Amid the Gotham-like acts, an actual FD event took place. Thanks to our friend El Sneaki we have some photographs to take a look at! Check these out, then follow his work!

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