Blue Bags and Forties

by Revival Motoring

Jon Stairs has been directly and indirectly an integral part of Revival Motoring. If you don’t already know the story, Jon and I have known each other for over ten years now. We used to have a website that gained some traction in the automotive world. Eventually, that came down, but I knew we would work on something else together at some point. When I began thinking about Revival, Jon was the first on my list to recruit for the team. At the time, he had his hands full with home life. I would bounce design questions off him or ask him to help with setting up a file. He, of course, would oblige. Some time had gone by, and things changed. It happens. Life goes on. In this case, the change leads to Jon jumping on more things Revival but, more importantly, finally tracking down a project car he had been urging to dig into for a few years. It took a few months, but Jon was able to land this 1991 Golf GL. The market for these cars fluctuates, too pricy, too much rust, too far gone, or just perfect but sold already. A fight that I think will get more and more difficult as time rolls on. The car was rough around the edges, which is perfectly okay for Jon. The point of his car being in the mag and him wanting it in the first place was to provide enjoyment. The enjoyment that can be had thrashing the Golf into gear, hearing the swapped VR6 be rung out, all while doing it in the company of friends or his dogs. Perfect paint was never a thought when it came to the initial plans. This was going to be a driver, one that could climb a mountain if it needed to. The car came together over a few months in his garage. Nights spent tinkering and fixing past owners’ mistakes while enjoying time with friends. A break from the secluded days we had unfortunately become accustomed to. Jon is an extremely handy person. He could tackle most of the swap and other bits, but there were a few problematic items. Fortunately, when a problem left him scratching his head, he could rely on some of the most knowledgeable guys in the VW game. Chris Reis, Tobias Aldrich, and Andy Dixon were tapped into for Jon’s unanswered questions. With their help, Jon was able to complete the motor swap and install all sorts of goods. Most of the original parts from the car were ripped out. Motor, suspension, and all of its associated components, Jon purchased a second MK2, from which a handful of items could be poached. Bit by bit, things came together. There were a handful of moments that Jon shared with the world via social media. Each one is another step towards the direction of completing his build. Engine out of the old car and into the new, the car coming off jack stands and finally airing out—all these moments over COVID nights. Jon and his MK2 are other great examples of what can be accomplished when life hands you a curveball. Grab some friends, a few old cars, and get to work. The world changed this year. We will have no idea of the extent for years to come. There are few bright spots in twenty-twenty, but Jon and his pursuit of automotive enjoyment shine on.


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