GR Corolla – Daddy like.

by Revival Motoring

Well, here we are. After over a year of teasers, spy shots, and speculation, Toyota drops the mic. The Toyota GR Corolla is real, and it is spectacular.

Last night Toyota decided to turn all eyes on them with a 9:30 PM press conference. While most of the world sat around watching reruns or continued to debate whether the slap was real or fake. The automotive enthusiasts gathered where they typically do, the internet. We watched as two versions of the GR Corolla were released. I will not get into all of the specs here; they’re literally crawling through the rest of the internet and social media now. There are gaggles of YouTube hosts standing in front of their cameras, spouting off a stupid catchphrase right before they get into those details. I will, however, mention this, will we as enthusiasts actually get to see and get our hands on the Circuit edition? Or will it be gobbled up like a Thanksgiving food plate by the “enthusiasts” who like to stare at them in their garage while trying not to dirty their shoes? My negativity towards those guys aside, Toyota has once again flexed their muscle and gave automotive nerds just what they needed. It’s a breath of fresh air in a world that’s way too concerned with large EVs. I love it already, and I hope we here at Revival Motoring get to spend some personal time with one soon! Check out Toyota’s press photos of the GR Corolla Core and GR Corolla Circuit Edition below.

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